December 2020

Hiyababy Bundles is a nonprofit organization that provides “baby bundles” filled with diapers, clothing and other essential items for children in need. Hiyababy Bundles have collected and distributed over 37,000 essential items in the first two months of the COVID -19 Pandemic. My A To Z partnered with Hiyababy Bundles to reach those who need them most. Our holiday boxes were provided during Christmas of 2020 together with Mobile Hope, Loudoun. They serve the homeless youth. Due to Covid, they now serve all families who are facing economic hardship (90% having children) and require assistance with rent, food, diapers, etc. Having served over 130,000 families , My A To Z Books were donated and included in the holiday Hiyababy bundles . We also shared a fun entertaining live with their community, sharing the pros of My A To Z Book providing a remote “ class “ for moms and kids . They can also print a FREE coloring page from My A To Z website.
We loved sharing this fun activity at home during the pandemic with My A To Z Program and Books.


Other Events

March 2020 Jacadi 260

March 2020

Jacadi Paris VIP Event At 260 Fifth Ave, New York. My A To Z kiddie zone designed an area for...
December 2019 My Face Cma

December 2019

My Face Holiday Party at the Children's Museum Of The Arts New York. My Face transforms the lives of patients...
November 2019 A Free Bird

November 2019

A Free Bird's Gala, Hamilton Heights New York. A Free Bird's mission is to empower sick children to fly with...
October 2019 Lsa Junior

October 2019

LSA Junior Board/Family Halloween Event, East Harelm, New York. LSA Family Health Service, founded by the Little Sisters of the...
March 2019 The Heschel School

March 2019

My A To Z celebrated the jewish holiday of Purim at The Abraham Joshua Heschel School in New York. My...
March 2019 Monmouth Makers

March 2019

My A To Z Rug is on the Children’s Library tables. Both adults and kids are enjoying the tables to...
November 2018 A Free Bird

November 2018

My A To Z Art is a custom interactive art installation. During A free Bird Gala event, both guests donors...
February 2018 Monmouth Makers

February 2018

My A To Z Rug was created for the Children’s Library tables. Both adults and kids are enjoying the tables...
October 2017 Robin Hood Abc

October 2017

The entire Alphabet was created in two Super Sized Murals for the school’s gym. Children are using the murals to...
June 2017 A Free Bird Maimonides

June 2017

Multiple Murals from My A To Z Book were created for the hospital’s family rooms as well as for the...
March 2017 Monmouth Makers

March 2017

Multiple Murals of the “Library” from My A To Z Book were created for the Children’s Library tables. Both adults...
October 2016 Nyc New York Cares

October 2016

A super sized 594SF mural of the “Toy Store “ from My To Z Book was created for the schools’...