My A To Z Rug – 26 pcs


My A To Z Rug is a new and unique educational tool.

Master the alphabet letter by letter!
Kids can explore the alphabet from beginning to end, practice letter recognition and letter-sound association…or just sit on their favorite letters!
With My A To Z Rug Letters make words and words create worlds.
My A To Z Rug is a peel off sticker, repositionable and reusable.
Crayons, colored pencils and markers are all perfect to use.
With easy installation and reusability, it’s easy to apply anywhere.
My A To Z Rug is a new and unique educational tool. Using My A To Z Rug children are interactively and collaboratively learning vocabulary, and being introduced to art and culture content.
Children read, spell, color and create original art together.

My A To Z rug is great for any space. Keep it on the floor, wall, table or window. Changed your mind? No problem, just peel off and re apply it elsewhere. Use it at the Library, playroom, school, hospital, pediatrician and dentists offices and even your own home.
My A To Z Rug is an International Design Award winning product and recommended by experts in children’s therapy and teaching.

My A To Z Rug is a modular set of 26 mini rugs.
For a large area rug: mix and match the individual rugs as you wish.
Use it one at a time, or all together to create words or any layout you wish.
Watch our video for details.