What People Are Saying

Prof. Vilma Gabbay

Mother & Chief of the Pediatric Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York

“I highly recommend this interactive book that turns learning from a task to a fun activity. My A To Z Book provides a channel to enhance creativity and imagination in children's mind.”

Gil Oren

Father, Entrepreneur & Tiny Love USA Former CEO, New York

“The preschool years are by far the most valuable for building character and instilling a love of learning. With My A To Z Book, Danna Gal reveals hands on secrets to help you tune into your child’s developmental needs, turning everyday life into a learning adventure both you and your child will gain from. Her warm style and practical approach is inspiring parents to help their own children learn and grow.”

Dr. Orly Moshell Arviv

Mother & Psychologist, PhD

“My A To Z book is a wonderful and interactive way to build your child's language development. It is visually stimulating for a young child and not only filled with recognizable images but also contains pops of culture to introduce your child to the world of history, art and music.”

Judith Wolt

Mother & Grandmother, Principal Librarian, Monmouth County Library, New Jersey

"An enchanting adventure in the wonderland of words, and a rich learning experience that keeps a powerful grip on a child’s imagination."